fredag 23 november 2007


Jag fick gårdagens funderingar bekräftade. Jag hittade en sida där det mycket riktigt stod att ett lejon som också är en drake är så mycket mer drake än bara en drake. East meets West, återigen:

A magnificent, breathtaking personality who will loom over us, larger than life, and who is truly convinced of his right to rule. The Leo Dragon is a commanding performer who will keep his guns loaded all the time. The Lion provides the already bombastic Dragon with more dynamite than he can use, so this personality can be very willful and difficult to manage when others do not yield him right of way. However, he never carries grudges and when he makes explosive statements, well it's just his way of clearing the air. In such a double regal sign, this person is blessed with good fortune, as he will always try to keep his promises and is noble and chivalrous to the less fortunate.

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