lördag 2 februari 2008

Which Man or Woman of Legend Are You?


Tsai Wen-chi was the beautiful daughter of the famous Han dynasty scholar, Tsai Yung. Toward the end of the Eastern Han era, amid the chaotic political upheavals and foreign invasions, she was taken hostage by the barbarian king. There, in an alien land, she languished for twelve years, until the warlord Chou negotiated her release. Upon her return, Wen-chi found her father had passed away, leaving reams of essays and manuscripts in disarray. Thereupon she made the vow that she would not rest until his work was finished. The end result was a compilation of over four hundred volumes that took years to complete, and became a Chinese literary classic.

Which Woman of Legend Are You? Find out! By Nishi.

Kommentar: Fyrahundra volymer... Inte dåligt. Om jag publicerar ens hälften eller en fjärdedel av det kan jag känna mig nöjd! Äsch, let's face it... Även om jag bara publicerar en enda bok, kommer jag att vara nöjd! Eller okej, tio böcker... Tio böcker låter bra, eller hur? Kanske tjugo... eller trettio? Bäst att jag sätter igång!

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